Sunday, October 7, 2012

Uke, Hook: Introducing The "So, You Think Uke Cool" (TM) Uke-Sweater (TM) Gig Bag

This is the "I-Slayed-And-Skinned-A-Dragon-With-My-Ukulele-To-Make-This-Uke-Sweater" (TM) Gig-bag that I made for my neighbor's soprano. 

If you already know how to make a Crocodile stitch, you can make one yourself! "In progress" pictures and a link to instructions below:




  1. How much yarn is needed for the whole project?

  2. Hi, Cherry Rose ... It was one skein of each color. (The purples in the pic look slightly different because I was "scrapping it," with a half skein of each shade left over from other projects.) Thanks for asking! :)